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Submission + - New Bra Size App Just Needs A Couple Of Selfies to Calculate the Perfect Fit

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Are you constantly pulling at your bra straps? Feel uncomfortable wearing tight-fitting tops? According to recent studies, roughly 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong-size bra, Now Helen A.S. Popkin reports at NBC that a new app promises to make bra shopping as simple as taking a couple of selfies. In fact, that's exactly how it works. The freshly launched iOS app from ladies undergarment startup ThirdLove claims to require no more than two selfies — front and profile, to calculate your personalized size for the perfect bra. “Women don’t like the current experience, and they are looking for something better,” says Dave Spector. “Technology can help in a lot of these situations — and it will work in other retail categories as well, not just bras.” Spector recruited some of the top computer vision experts in the country to perfect the virtual fit technology. The only catch is that ThirdLove has its own numbering system, so you won’t be able to find out your size, and go buy a Victoria Secret bra. About 10,000 women have been enrolled in the beta program so far, and have offered feedback on the app. ThirdLove isn’t the only startup helping women buy the perfect bra. In fact, Silicon Valley seems quite obsessed with this category, especially in the wake of advancements in virtual sizing technology. True&Co, a company founded by two former Microsoft execs, also recently raised $4 million for its bra-fitting technology.
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New Bra Size App Just Needs A Couple Of Selfies to Calculate the Perfect Fit

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