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Submission + - Has anyone thought about stacking solar collectors?

jtalle writes: Photovoltaic cells have been around for a long time. Thermpiles have been around a long time, but now there are ways to convert temperatures as low as normal body temperature by using thermoelectric generator to electricity. Now, there's polymer solar-photovoltaic-thermal devices that are transparent almost like glass and convert the incoming infrared energy to electricity.

Each solution is less than 100% efficient. For example, a photovoltaic cell captures between 6% and 40% of the available energy depending on the type of cell. The excess energy is converted to heat, which is lost as 'rejected energy'.

That got me thinking that it should be possible to stack these technologies. In this case, a combined stack of polymer/photovoltaic/thermal generator layers should be able to each use what is the waste product of the others.. Yet I find very little information about this in the search engines. That's got to be possible, right?
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Has anyone thought about stacking solar collectors?

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