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Submission + - OSS Advocates: Let Us Help You Fix Healthcare.gov

jones_supa writes: As experts hired by the U.S. government scramble to fix the much-maligned healthcare.gov website, the corps of independent kibitzers are chiming in from around the world, offering patches to fix the flaws. Sam Reed, a JavaScript developer, is one of the driving forces in the effort. Immediately after launch of healthcare.gov, he downloaded key parts of the code, shared it into a repository at GitHub and set about analyzing and improving it. Last Friday, White House economic adviser Jeff Zients, who has been tasked with fixing the site, said that QSSI would oversee the job. Reed, however, said he has already produced a simpler, cleaner version of the software that could run on the desktops of personal computers, allowing them to create accounts, browse insurance plans and sign up for coverage. 'If we can get the open-source community involved in the issue, people in the trenches (working for the government) can see the fixes,' says Reed confidently and invites other open source people to join the effort.
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OSS Advocates: Let Us Help You Fix Healthcare.gov

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