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Submission + - Google Seeks Patent on It's-Who-You-Know Hiring

theodp writes: GeekWire's Blair Hanley Frank reports on a pending patent from Google which suggests that Google wants to find Googley job candidates by Googling Googlers’ social graphs. The patent application for Identifying Prospective Employee Candidates via Employee Connections describes the use of an automated system to analyze employees’ social graphs to help find top job candidates. The system would consider factors including the performance of the employee at the company — under the assumption that the friends of top performers are more likely to be top performers themselves. Back in June, The Guardian questioned Google's focus on hiring people in a certain image, suggesting it "produces an echo chamber effect that puts Google at one remove from public feeling, particularly over issues such as its tax bill in Britain or the privacy of its users." Interviewed in that article was Google VP of staffing and operations Sunil Chandra, who coincidentally appears to be one of the inventors of the patent-pending echo chamber hiring method.
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Google Seeks Patent on It's-Who-You-Know Hiring

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