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Submission + - Self-Published Zombie Titles Have Doubled Since 2012

An anonymous reader writes: For the second year in a row, the number of self-published ebooks with the word zombie in their title has doubled. The annual check is performed on Halloween in Amazon's Kindle Store, and this year discovers 8,052 ebooks (with titles like "Jesus Camp Zombie Bloodbath" and "Never Slow Dance with a Zombie...") — more than 12 times the number that appear in the Library of Congress. 71-year-old literary author Joyce Carol Oates — twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize — also named her 2009 novel about a serial killer "Zombie (P.S.)", but most of the titles in the Kindle Store "aren’t as ambitious," notes this article, which still applauds the self-published authors and their "massive outpouring of new creativity, as people all around the globe start wondering what’s going to happen in their own imaginary zombie scenarios..."
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Self-Published Zombie Titles Have Doubled Since 2012

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