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Submission + - Does Software Need a Siskel and Ebert? 1

theodp writes: Over at Scripting News, Dave Winer laments the lack of serious software reviews in the NY Times. That wasn't always the case, recalls Dave. "When they started doing software reviews in the early 80s it was with the usual Times flair," says Winer. "But somewhere along the line they stopped taking tech seriously. It's as if they would only review Saturday morning television shows. How could television like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad take root in the culture if there was no criticism that discussed it? Yet that's where we are today with software." So, does software need a Siskel and Ebert (or A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis for you highfalutin NYT readers!)?
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Does Software Need a Siskel and Ebert?

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  • How well they do it is anyone's opinion, but they do it. Of course, that's a magazine that's not marketed to the general public. If they were going to do software reviews in media geared for the average American, then it would mostly be reviews of all the wrong software. It would still be interesting to see, and it would probably grow a decent readership, but it would have to keep focusing on stuff like browser plugins, smartphone apps, and utilities like recipe keeping software. Stuff that the average

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