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Submission + - The $15 Device That Protects Against School Shootings

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: In the tragic aftermath of the Newtown school massacre, as is the case every time there’s a school shooting, Americans debate what should be done to ensure the safety of innocent schoolchildren. Gun control advocates push to limit access to deadly weapons by imposing tougher firearm regulations, while the National Rifle Association suggests that armed security guards be stationed at every school in the country. Now the Smithsonian reports that a group of students at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington D.C. has come up with a device that prevents armed intruders from breaking into a classroom with DeadStop, a lightweight, cup-sized plastic cylinder that slips over the common large hydraulic hinge known as a “door closer“ in seconds. “So many kids and adults were killed (at Sandy Hook). So we got together and we wanted to know how we could stop intruders from entering our school,” says Deonté Antrom, a junior at Benjamin Banneker. The school, like many others across the nation, is equipped with doors that cannot be locked from the inside, in order to comply with building code regulations that allow for unobstructed campus-wide evacuations in case of a fire and other disasters. The DeadStop was designed as a workaround, preserving that need for a quick exit in an emergency while also enabling the class to secure itself inside the room when needed. “The device we have is detachable. It will just be in the teacher’s desk and when there is an announcement that there is a shooter in the building, they will be able to take it out and simply install it on the hinge,” says Anjreyev Harvey. Students at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School hope to patent and release a final product of DeadStop that will cost no more than $15 and a law firm from Denver has already offered the team pro bono services to patent the invention.
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The $15 Device That Protects Against School Shootings

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