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Submission + - Online Retailers Are Cruising Tor to Hunt for Fraudsters (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: This week, the verification company Service Objects announced a new tool to help websites detect "suspicious" visitors using Tor and other anonymous proxies. Its updated DOTS IP Address Validation product identifies “suspicious” discrepancies between the user's home location and the location of the IP address the order’s coming from. It joins a handful of other tools on the market promising Tor-detection for retailers. It’s a logical strategy: If you're trying to buy something with stolen credit card, you're obviously going to want to block your real identity and location while doing it. But it also raises the question of whether targeting anonymity services to hunt out fraudsters could have chilling effects for harmless Tor users trying to protect their privacy online—particularly this year in light of the NSA-spying scandal.
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Online Retailers Are Cruising Tor to Hunt for Fraudsters

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