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Submission + - Hydrogen-powered car helps grow food using Fuel Cell

rtoz writes: Hyundai has introduced new hydrogen-powered cars which combine compressed hydrogen gas with oxygen from the air to create electricity, with a by-product of water. Hyundai then filtered this water and pumped it into a fish tank, where the fish added nutrients to the water. That water was then fed to the plants, creating what Hyundai called “it’s own ecosystem”.

The process of passing hydrogen through a fuel cell creates energy much more efficiently than the chemicals used in gasoline. It can also store the energy it creates unlike the electricity needed to power electric cars.

  The most important reason to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology is that each vehicle produces zero exhaust emissions. With only clean and recyclable by-products emitted through driving, the result is a sustainable motoring future.
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Hydrogen-powered car helps grow food using Fuel Cell

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