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Submission + - A look inside the 8K theater technology at the newly renovated Fiske Planetarium 1

An anonymous reader writes: Sky gazers at CU-Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium ( ) are getting better, clearer and deeper views. And not just of astronomy anymore.

The planetarium has been upgraded, transforming it into a digital IMAX-like theater (thread: images: ) that’s open to the public every Saturday and Sunday with a variety of programs including shows for children. In addition to space odysseys and laser shows — longtime favorites of audiences — movies are now part of the Fiske lineup( ).

“Just like at an IMAX theater, we can take you near a black hole, through the Grand Canyon, under the ocean, or up to a super volcano,” said Doug Duncan, director of Fiske. “The sky is no longer the limit.” (
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A look inside the 8K theater technology at the newly renovated Fiske Planetarium

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  • I work on the CU Campus and have had the opportunity to teach in the new Fiske Planetarium theater. Epic is the only word that comes to mind. Watching video at 8K x 8K resolution at 60 frames per second makes you question if things are real or animated. The new star projector shows 20 million stars and I have used binoculars INSIDE the planetarium theater. If you are in Colorado you should check it out. The technical specs are amazing too the 25 computers that run the live digital system are pretty impressi

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