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Submission + - Yahoo's latest email change a complete disaster

walterbyrd writes: WTF is the matter with all these "change for the sake of change" thinkers? Even Linux is not exempt.

Yahoo's new email — second time within a year — completely sucks. Worst of all, for me, yahoo just deleted tons of my contact information. Stuff like birthdays, home addresses, work

I am not the only one unhappy about this. Lots of attention in the media.

Petition: "Yahoo: Bring back the old version of Yahoo Mail!" has over 25,000 signitures so far.

Anger explodes at Yahoo Mail redesign disaster: Key functions removed or broken

Furor Over Yahoo Mail Changes

Marissa Mayer Sparks Outrage From Longtime Yahoo Mail Customers

Yahoo Mail users furious over Marissa Mayer's redesign that wiped away key features and left interface looking like a 'Gmail knock-off' (except useless)

Yahoo Mail redesign plagued with bugs
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Yahoo's latest email change a complete disaster

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