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Submission + - XBMC forked

An anonymous reader writes: After working almost 10 years on the XBMC project (,
I am very sad to announce my fork, named FYMC. While the abbreviation obviously
lends itself to alternative interpretations, the intended meaning is
'Forever yours Media Center'.

Key technical differences compared to the original project:
1) GPL3 licensed.
2) A CMake based build system.
3) An agile approach in mainline.

Project hosting is still being arranged, and as such the only resource available at this point is

As several backend authors have not responded to request for API keys yet, certain basic features have been disabled for now.

Currently it is only buildable for freebsd and linux, support for building
on other free platforms will follow, with free being interpretable as platforms
where users maintain their freedom to run and modify software after their own
likings. It is still mostly compatible with XBMC add-ons, with
binary (compiled) add-ons being the exception.

While I would like to give my reasons for forking the project in public to reduce the amount of FUD, I do not in honor of requests from the forked project. Though, I want to explicitly mention that this is not a case of an insulted developer, but an action taken out of honest concerns and loyalty to the original vision of the project.

Developers interested in joining the project can join #fymc on
In particular, people skilled in graphics are most needed.

Arne Morten Kvarving
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XBMC forked

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