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Submission + - NFTables To Replace IPTables In The Linux Kernel (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: NFTables is queued up for merging into the Linux 3.13 kernel. NFTables is a four-year-old project by the creators of Netfilter to write a new packet filtering / firewall engine for the Linux kernel to deprecate iptables (though it now an iptables compatibility layer too). NFTables is slated to be more powerful, simpler, reduce code complication, improve error reporting, and more efficient handling of packet filter rules. The code was merged into net-next for the Linux 3.13 kernel but still iptables will be present until NFTables is finished, but it is possible to now try it out. LWN also has a writeup on NFTables.
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NFTables To Replace IPTables In The Linux Kernel

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