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An anonymous reader writes: Hello guys,
The IRC-Technology now exists for almost half a century. This protocol is very powerful and for sure already helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. And this for the main part in the area of practical computer science and programming.

We, students of the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,, thought about making a new protocol that wraps and also extends the old IRC-protocol into a new, state-of-the-art and timely product. And of course, we also thought about how this is going to improve all of our lives in the end.

Both design- and computer science students met numerous hours for weeks to discuss this topic.
The ultimate goal was not only to improve the protocol by adding and removing features but we also wanted to drastically improve the user experience, since it was completely ignored when IRC was made up. It was a protocol for experienced computer scientists only.
After a few weeks of planning and programming we came up with a result: Metahill ( .

The advantages are obvious: You don't need a client and therefore no installation or continuous updating — that's all done automatically. We log stuff automatically for you, if the community wishes so.
You can share images via drag-and-drop and code is syntactically highlighted to name just a few more.
Just as in IRC you can register an account or join the entire system as guest, whereas a guest does not have full access to all features due to security reasons.

We warmly invite you to join and test thoroughly.

You can find further information at the following sites
Metahill Blog —
Metahill Help —
Metahill Developer —

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Metahill - The IRC 2.0

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