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Submission + - Brazil Announces Secure Email To Counter Us Spying

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Phys Org reported that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has announced that her government was creating a secure email system to try and shield official communications from spying by the United States and other countries. "We need more security on our messages to prevent possible espionage," Rousseff said on Twitter, ordering the Federal Data Processing Service, or SERPRO, to implement a safe email system throughout the federal government. The move came after Rousseff publicly condemned spying against Brazilian government agencies attributed to the United States and Canada. "This is the first step toward extending the privacy and inviolability of official posts," Rousseff said. After bringing her complaints against US intelligence agencies to the United Nations General Assembly last month and canceling a state visit to Washington, Rousseff announced that the country will host an international conference on Internet governance in April.
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Brazil Announces Secure Email To Counter Us Spying

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