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Submission + - Author Of Notorious Blackhole Exploit Kit Arrested In Russia (

An anonymous reader writes: PCWorld reports, "Russian authorities have arrested the main developer of the notorious Blackhole exploit kit, one of the most popular attack tools used to infect Web users with malware. ... The Blackhole Exploit Kit is ... designed to exploit vulnerabilities in Web browsers or other software that’s accessible from the Web through browser plug-ins, such as Java, Adobe Reader and Flash Player. Attackers redirect users from compromised websites to Blackhole landing pages hosted on malicious servers in order to install malware ... Blackhole has been around for years and is probably the most popular exploit kit among cybercriminals. It is sold or rented on the underground market by its creators and is frequently updated to make the exploits harder to detect. An independent malware researcher ... said Monday on Twitter that the Blackhole and Cool Exploit Kit, a more expensive exploit toolkit also created by Paunch, have been frozen for over three days and haven’t been updated. There are several things that can happen to Blackhole now ... It can disappear, it can be replaced by other exploit kits or its development can be taken over by others..." — More at ZDNet and BBC.
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Author Of Notorious Blackhole Exploit Kit Arrested In Russia

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