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Submission + - Microsoft security guru: Abusing data should be a felony (

alphadogg writes: If Microsoft's chief security adviser had his way, it would be a felony to misuse personal data. Stiff penalties are the only way to ensure that people and organizations won’t violate rules about appropriate data use, said Craig Mundie, speaking on privacy and cybersecurity at the EmTech MIT conference in Cambridge on Thursday (All of which should make for interesting conversation between Mundie and NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander, both of whom were to be honored later in the day at the Eisenhower Awards Dinner in New York City for their contributions to national security.) Current rules for ensuring data privacy are broken, according to Mundie, in a world in which people are being observed in increasingly intimate ways by the tech devices and tools they use daily. “More and more, the data that you should be worried about, you don’t even know about,” said Mundie.
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Microsoft security guru: Abusing data should be a felony

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