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Submission + - Former Microsoft COO Bob Herbold says he feels sorry for Apple's Tim Cook (

McGruber writes: Bob Herbold, former Microsoft Chief Operating Officer turned "Gutsy Leadership" blogger (, shared his thoughts about Apple CEO Tim Cook (

Herbold compares Cook with the late Steve Jobs: "Jobs was famous in presenting sensational new Apple products with incredible fanfare. He was always dressed the same way; in jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. Cook presents mundane modifications of existing Apple products, wearing almost the same garb as Jobs (jeans and a black open-collar shirt). I guess he believes trading in the turtleneck for the shirt is his signal of his new leadership."

"You’ve got to feel sorry for Cook. He took over an incredibly key job in the technology world, and we are actually yet to learn what he thinks about his job and where he wants to take Apple. Instead, so far, he seems to be trying hard to be Steve Jobs, rather than the fresh, new CEO Tim Cook. It isn’t working."

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Former Microsoft COO Bob Herbold says he feels sorry for Apple's Tim Cook

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