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Submission + - ScareMail makes email "scary" in order to disrupt NSA surveillance (bengrosser.com) 2

forgetcolor writes: Artist Ben Grosser has posted his open-source project ScareMail, "a web browser extension that makes email 'scary' in order to disrupt NSA surveillance. Extending Google’s Gmail, the work adds to every new email’s signature an algorithmically generated narrative containing a collection of probable NSA search terms. This “story” acts as a trap for NSA programs like PRISM and XKeyscore, forcing them to look at nonsense. Each email’s story is unique in an attempt to avoid automated filtering by NSA search systems."
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ScareMail makes email "scary" in order to disrupt NSA surveillance

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  • it operates on assumption that "-- Following text generated by ScareMail” is very hard to bypass for NSA
    • by AHuxley ( 892839 )
      Like other search terms the NSA will learn to filter it out :)
      You need your ip, the other persons ip and message to match up in some interesting political/social/banking way.
      Write to a member of the press about a scandal they worked on in the past with new info. Names, dates, fits with your background.
      Not much will invoke a human review anymore due to the perfection of filters and bulk storage to churn over interesting material.

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