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Submission + - Scientists boycott NASA conference because of ban on chinese participants ( 1

Eunuchswear writes: Congress has passed laws forbidding NASA from allowing Chinese nationals on its premises, so NASA was forced to reject applications from Chinese scientists to attend the upcoming meeting on the Kepler space telescope next month.

This ban extends even to Chinese scientists and students working in the USA, angering many American scientists. Geoff Marcy, known for his work on explanets is reported to be boycotting the conference. "In good conscience, I cannot attend a meeting that discriminates in this way. The meeting is about planets located trillions of miles away, with no national security implications." he said in an email to the conference organisers.

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Scientists boycott NASA conference because of ban on chinese participants

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  • Yes. Because only the president passes a law. He just signs the thing, and like many laws this one quite possibly couldve been snuck in an entire package of laws prepared by the legislaive branch. You know, the one where 1/4th of the branch is holding the entire country hostage over a law they passed but couldnt manage to legally repeal?

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