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Submission + - Dice Ruins Slashdot ( 12

An anonymous reader writes: In an attempt to modernize Slashdot, Dice has removed everything that made Slashdot unique and worthwhile and has turned it into a generic blog site. User feedback has been unanimously negative, but this is to no avail, and users will have to head elsewhere for insightful and entertaining commentary on tech news.
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Dice Ruins Slashdot

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  • This is a well written and thought submission. Such great works deserve to make it to the front page.

    • I've been here from the beginning, probably thousands of comments - took me a little while to make an account, but I did get a 5 digit uid.

      This design is the end of the site. It ruins comments and looks aweful on a tablet.

      Actually, I think someone should resurrect the old code in a kick starter and just mine articles off this one and report them. I, and I suspect other, old-timers who have done ok for themselves might kick in enough cash for a dev to run that.

      Dice doesn't listen or care.. Well, we're geeks,

      • There is a new design?

        As far as I can tell, it looks the same way it has for years. I have the old mode setting turned on though. Even before Dice showed up all the javascript bullshit just made things suck. If only you could get the old-mode without actually logging in.

  • They just take things that work nicely (but are maybe ugly) and turn them into useless and flashy garbage -- which is still ugly. It's like these guys have never read a book, or so much as a blog entry, by anyone who actually knows what they are doing.

    • by AHuxley ( 892839 )
      The world seems to be wanting to keep up with Windows 8.1 and Apple. Soft colors around matching soft text color to make it all trendy and web 2.5 ready.
  • Let's not shoot them yet. They are still taking feedback on the new design.
    • by unitron ( 5733 )

      Here's my feedback on the new design:

      Take off and nuke it from orbit.

      Only way to be sure.

      Seriously, half an inch less of horizontal space for the comments and I'd think I was on HuffPo.

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