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Submission + - "Malware renaissance" sparked by the rise of web services and HTML5 (

An anonymous reader writes: F-secure's Christine Bejerasco told press at a conference in Helsinki that web services like Facebook and Dropbox had created more opportunities for malware: "The internet is becoming very dynamic. More than ten years ago it was mainly meant for consuming content. Malware during those times was pretty simple: they'd attack the website, load [malware] onto it so people would get infected. The problem during those times was that hosting was quite expensive, so there weren't a lot of malicious websites. Those days are gone," she said

"The renaissance period came when blogging became normal, this really gained momentum when websites like Facebook and Dropbox arrived. it also helped when HTML5 came and made it so anyone could post anything, anytime they wanted."

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"Malware renaissance" sparked by the rise of web services and HTML5

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