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Submission + - Oracle Promises 100x Faster Database Queries with New In-Memory Option

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: ZDNet reports that Oracle's Larry Elison kicked off Oracle OpenWorld 2013 promising 100x speed-up querying OTLP database or data warehouse batches by what Ellison boasted as a "breakthrough," or a "dual format" for both row and column in-memory formats for the same data and table. Using Oracle's 'dual-format in-memory database' option, every transaction is recorded in row format simultaneously with writing the same data into a columnar database. "This is pure in-memory columnar technology," said Ellison, explaining that means no logging and very little overhead on data changes while the CPU core scans local in-memory columns. Ellison followed up with the introduction of Oracle's new M6-32 "Big Memory Machine," touted to be the fastest in-memory machine in the world hosting 32 terabytes of DRAM memory and up to 384 processor cores with 8-threads per core. "This thing moves data very fast, processes data in-memory very fast," Ellison said plainly, asserting that the M6 has double the system bandwidth than the biggest IBM system on the planet, the P795. "I see the IBM partners not applauding back there," quipped Ellison, pointing into the packed cavernous keynote hall at Moscone Center.
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Oracle Promises 100x Faster Database Queries with New In-Memory Option

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