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Submission + - Have to move into an office. Should I move to a U.S or European office 1

mindlessrabble writes: For promotion I have to change from a remote to office worker. But I don't have to be in any specific office. Should I move to a U.S. or European office? I have worked in both areas and am a US citizen. Not really tied to any place. Would be interested to hear experiences of anyone.
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Have to move into an office. Should I move to a U.S or European office

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  • Are these specific places? Are there any of them in cities/countries you've not lived in? If that's the case, I'd take the opportunity to live someplace I haven't before (assuming it was an interesting-sounding place), and use it as a base for tourism on the cheap while the opportunity lasts.

    You might also think about the tax implications of one place over another.

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