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Submission + - IDF Hackers Test Readiness In Israel for Cyberattacks (

cold fjord writes: Al-Monitor reports, "Lt. Col. M., 39, is in charge of the [cyber] defense ... the “blue team,” .... Capt. A. heads the “red team” in the cybersecurity lineup, whose task is to simulate attacks ... Together, the two teams maintain IDF preparedness in the face of any potential cyber threat. ... We have the edge not only in terms of technological level, but also in terms of motivation: We are protecting human lives, and our soldiers are thus far more motivated than civilian security specialists. ... Lt. Col. M. is therefore not really concerned about the reports that the American National Security Agency (NSA) has found a way around the [Internet-level] encryption protocols of most of the civilian computer systems worldwide — which draw on the information leaked by former NSA employee Edward Snowden. “Our job is to monitor the goings-on and keep track of the technological developments, and we need to know what the threats and risks in cyberspace are. In any event, to protect strategic assets, encryption systems that we develop ourselves in-house ... are customarily used.” ... while the IDF realized the importance of cyber warfare long ago, it is only recently that it has recognized the need to prepare for any scenario and regularly conduct quality assurance tests of the system. "
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IDF Hackers Test Readiness In Israel for Cyberattacks

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