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Submission + - Gnome 3.8 the last for Slackware, Gentoo, the BSDs and all non-systemd OS's ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Due to a recent change in logind, systemd has become a hard dependency for Gnome from version 3.8 onwards.
Due to the depreciation of ConsoleKit and lack of man power to implement these changes into other init systems such as OpenRC, this means that OS's that don't offer systemd will have no Gnome support following the 3.8 release, and users of distros that default to another init service will be forced to install systemd.

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Gnome 3.8 the last for Slackware, Gentoo, the BSDs and all non-systemd OS's

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  • systemd is now a hard dependancy for GNOME, as of v3.8. Gentoo supports both openrc and systemd. If you want to use GNOME, you will need to switch to systemd. It's coming down to achoice between GNU Linu-x or GNOME Lenna-x (Linus Torvalds and Lennart Poettering).

    I believe that BSD (all variants) cannot run systemd, so they won't be able to run GNOME v3.8.

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