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Submission + - iOS7 connecting to Apple in the background? 2

trazom28 writes: I've got an iPhone 4s that I upgraded (if that's the right word for it) to iOS7. Since then, when I switch from cellular to WiFi, it attempts to connect to one of two different websites so far, or — both of which are Apple websites. if I cancel, it brings me to a notification that my wireless is not connected to the internet and would I like to use the phone without internet access. Initially as it would not connect to the WiFi without going through this process, I unblocked The URL redirects to I'm about to unblock the other, but it seems odd that every time I want WiFi the iPhone "calls home". Makes me wonder what else it's doing. Anyone else noted this?
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iOS7 connecting to Apple in the background?

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  • Windows 7 has a "Network Awareness" feature, where it automatically resolves the domain and then visits a small text file hosted there. This is how it is able to pop up the "No Internet access" warning in the system tray, even if you have a valid IP on your LAN. I would assume that Apple is probably doing something similar here. With wireless, there is also the possibility that the user may have to go through a captive portal. On my iPad 4 (using iOS 6), connecting to a captive portal Wi-Fi net

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