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Submission + - Conflict minerals and cell phones 1

Presto Vivace writes: Is your cellphone made with conflict minerals mined in the Congo? The industry doesn’t want you to know.

If you are reading this on a smartphone, then you are probably holding in your palm the conflict minerals that have sent the biggest manufacturing trade group in the U.S. into a court battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission. At stake in this battle between the National Association of Manufacturers and the government is whether consumers will know the potentially blood-soaked origins of the products they use every day and who gets to craft rules for multinational corporations—Congress or the business itself.

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Conflict minerals and cell phones

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  • Much about this world isn't fair. But the saying is "ignorance is bliss".
    However, it is NOT sustainable to plead ignorance and to be complacent about such issues.
    Considering the amount of technology, especially in the communication field it isn't possible for this type of information to remain hidden.
    Which means that for those of us living well, we must shoulder this responsibility.
    In a nutshell, common sense dictates that we should spread our standards of living everywhere and that somewhere along the

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