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Lucas123 writes: Avi Reichentall, CEO of 3D Systems, one of the largest consumer 3D printer companies, has already been able to configure his machines to create a variety of confections. Now he says it won't be long before a chocolate printer can rest beside your coffee maker on the kitchen counter. "I want it to be as cool as a Keurig coffee maker," Reichentall told a crowd at the Inside 3D Printing Conference this week in San Jose. "We're going to bring to pastry chefs and confectionaries and bakers a whole range of new sugar printing capabilities. Meanwhile, Pablos Holman, an inventor at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, said he and other researchers are working to create printers with toner-type cartridges that hold pulverized freeze dried foods. When dispensed, water and heat is added to cook the food and meals are printed one micro-layer at a time. Not only would the printers be able to prepare foods on the spot, but they could add minuscule amounts of various nutrients to foods to make them healthier without effecting taste. Beyond convenience, 3D printable foods would also avoid enormous waste both at grocery stores where tons of spoiled food is tossed regularly, but in households were up to 60% of food is wasted.
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3D Printable Food Moves To Chocolate, Someday Whole Meals

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