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Submission + - Join the efforts of a manned mission to Jovian moon Europa (

Kristian vonBengtson writes: Objective Europa aims to send human beings to Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, on a one way mission in search of extraterrestrial life while expanding the borders of exploration and knowledge for all mankind.

The starting point of Objective Europa is purely theoretical (Phase I) but will move into more advanced phases including prototyping, technology try-outs, and eventually a crewed launch.

Objective Europa is a crowd-researched project made up of an international team of volunteers. Many people from a wide range of backgrounds have already joined and become a vital part of the mission. We encourage you to join us and help in any area you are interested in. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or astrobiologist; site maintenance, social media control, conference arrangement, lobbying (and much more) are equally important tasks.

The destination for this crewed mission is Jupiter’s sixth closest moon, Europa. Its deep ocean and active geology provide a solid platform for extraterrestrial life, making Europa one of the most enticing locations to explore in the solar system. The 600 day flight required to reach Europa is manageable with today’s technology, and the many challenges of such a mission pose a perfect starting point for new research and innovative thinking.

If you find ice and water more appealing than Martian deserts, we invite you to join our project and help us take the first steps towards exploring Europa.

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Join the efforts of a manned mission to Jovian moon Europa

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