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Submission + - SPAM: Post Offices Across the Country For Sale Cheap in Sweetheart Real Estate Deal

An anonymous reader writes: Investigative journalist Peter Byrne has uncovered a massive sweetheart deal involving the world's largest commercial real estate company granted an exclusive contract to sell post offices and postal facilities throughout the country. The East Bay Express news story reports that real estate giant C.B. Richard Ellis, has sold valuable public postal properties to developers at prices steeply discounted from fair market values, and negotiated the sale of the properties to its own clients and business partners, including one of its corporate owners, Goldman Sachs Group. CBRE has been paid sales commissions as high as six percent for representing both buyer and seller in many of the negotiations and appears to have repeatedly violated its contractual duty to get a fair market price for the properties. The full story is contained in Byrne's new e-book entitled Going Postal.
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Post Offices Across the Country For Sale Cheap in Sweetheart Real Estate Deal

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