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Submission + - Blizzard to end Diablo 3 Auction Houses (

RogueyWon writes: When Blizzard released the third installment in its famous Diablo series in May 2012, the game received a rapturous reception from some parts of the gaming press. However, many gamers were far less enthusiastic. The first bone of contention was an always-online DRM requirement (which rendered the game intermittently unplayable during the weeks after its release). Almost as controversial, however, was an auction house system which combined with the game's own reward mechanics to provide a strong incentive for players to spend real money trading in-game items. When the Playstation 3 version of the game was released last month, this widely-despised feature was notable by its absence. Now, in what is at least a small concession to the power of customer opinion, Blizzard has announced that the feature will be removed from the PC version of the game next year. The always-online requirement, however, looks set to say.
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Blizzard to end Diablo 3 Auction Houses

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