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Submission + - Attracting developers to abandonware? 1

phlawed writes: I am a Linux users since the previous millenium. I came from OS/2, which I really liked. I quickly felt at home with icewm, with a suitable tweaked config to give me something resembling Presentation Manager. I may have commented on that before.

Again, I find myself in the position where my preferred 'environment' is eroding. The only force keeping icewm rolling these days are the distribution package maintainers.

I can't code in any meaningful way, nor do I aspire to. I could easily pay for a supported version of icewm, but I don't care to pay someone just to keep it alive. I want someone to take a personal interest in the code, to ensure that it remains up to date, to make it run on Wayland or whatever. I want someone to own the code, be proud of it. Is there a general solution for this situation, apart from whoring for attention on Slashdot?
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Attracting developers to abandonware?

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  • Open source is based on the "scratch your own itch" paradigm. If no one is working on icewm it is because no one has an itch for it. You could offer to pay someone - thus transforming their itch for money into an itch for icewm, but it is prohibitively expensive for an individual to do that.

    Your best bet is to move on to something popular that you can life with. The only constant in life is change.

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