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Submission + - Boulder's tech workers cope with historic flood (computerworld.com)

dcblogs writes: Boulder Co. was recently ranked first in nation for its "high-tech start-up density," for cities of its size by the Kauffman Foundation. The ranking is based on a ratio of start-ups to population. But the tech community has left its downtown offices, some of which are flooded and others under threat. Normally there are 70 people working in Gnip's office, but Chris Moody, the CEO, in response to request from the city to get traffic off roads, closed the office. In another part of downtown, TeamSnap's building was flooding, and Dave DuPont, its CEO, said his only commute option was "by boat." The city's decision to ask businesses to close was a sign "that the worse might still be in front us," said Moody.
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Boulder's tech workers cope with historic flood

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