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Submission + - Ethiopian man claims he is 160 years old ( 2

schwit1 writes: Many people won't be aware of Italy's invasion of Ethiopia in 1895, but one man doesn't just know about the battle — he claims to have lived through it. 'When Italy invaded Ethiopia I had two wives, and my son was old enough to herd cattle', said Mr Ebba.

Retired farmer Dhaqabo Ebba, from Ethiopia, says he is a staggering 160 years old, which would make him the world's oldest living man. This would make him 46 years older than the oldest ever recorded man.

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Ethiopian man claims he is 160 years old

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  • That's absolutely amazing if true! To imagine seeing so many different things and watching how much things changed throughout the 20th century? What I wouldn't give
  • TFS is a bit short on details, but TFA seems to say the only evidence is that he knows the area and the events of the battle. I'm pretty sure you could find a few thousand such people. A claim like this isn't worth the words spend on making it; if there's no real biological or historical evidence, it's worthless.

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