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Submission + - Croak & Dagger: Following the trail of a herpetologist spy. (

bmahersciwriter writes: When Rafe Brown started doing field research in the Philippines, he constantly found himself in the long shadow of, Edward Taylor — an irascible giant of herpetology from the mid 20th century whose legacy was tarnished by accusations of fraud, questions about his naming methods, and rumours of a double life working for the U.S. Government. Brown forged a bond with his predecssor and has begun to restore a collection of Taylor's specimens that were lost during the Second World War, and which could aid in allocating resources for conservation. He has meanwhile found out more about Taylor's extracurricular activities, which included work with the organization that would eventually become the CIA.
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Croak & Dagger: Following the trail of a herpetologist spy.

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