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Submission + - Intel, Red Hat working on enabling Wayland support in Gnome (

sfcrazy writes: After shooting down Canonical's Mir, Intel and Red Hat teams have increased collaboration on the development of Wayland. Intel and Red Hat developers are working togather to 'merge and stabilize the patches to enable Wayland support in GNOME' as Christian Schaller writes on his blog. The teams are also looking into improving the stack futher. Weston won't be used anymore so Gnome Shell will become the Wayland compositor.

It must be noted that Canonical earlier committed to support and embrase Wayland. Despite the promise to contribute to it the company silently stopped contribution and it was later learned that they were secretly working on their own display server Mir.

Intel's management recently rejected patches for Mir leaving it to Canonical to maintain Mir.

Before Intel's rejection, Gnome and KDE also refused to adopt Mir.

Intel's message is clear to Canonical — if you promise to contribute then do contribute.

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Intel, Red Hat working on enabling Wayland support in Gnome

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