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Submission + - Pando closes doors, DDO and LOTRO go offline. 3

An anonymous reader writes: Can't log on to your D&D Online or Lord of the Rings Online account today?

Pando Media Booster, a third party service that hosts Turbine Interactive's downloads and updates ( reputedly went offline yesterday. Though there is no PR on the closure, their Wikipedia page still states that they are out of business as of 8-31-2013 and have shut down all their servers.

Meanwhile players of games that use the service have flooded Steam and (currently down) forums with complaints.

Turbine responded to initial customer reports of the issue and the cause within 6 hours and have taken their entire network (including their forums that were flooded with complaints) offline while the try to figure out a way to resolve the issue.
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Pando closes doors, DDO and LOTRO go offline.

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  • Pando was basically a service that would cause your computer to host a file sharing service in the background indefinitely. I, for one, am glad they won't be installing back doors on my computer without my consent any longer.
  • This has apparently been known for awhile from what little I can gather. It's seems like the games mentioned in the summary just didn't switch in time...

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