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Submission + - 'Bang With Friends' is Back With a Bang

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: The Independent reports that after being unceremoniously booted from the iOS App Store last May for violating the terms and conditions, the Facebook-integrated casual-sex app 'Bang With Friends' has returned to the iPhone as 'Down'. To see if your friends are "down" to (ahem) bang, sign into the app with Facebook, select those friends with whom you would like to get intimate, and Down will notify you if there's a match. Bang With Friends debuted on the Web in January and went mobile on iOS and Android in May, but Apple quickly yanked the iOS version. Apple has long gone after apps that it believes are too sexually provocative, from "Shake That Booty" to "Strip Simon." Although it was originally rejected for being “excessively objectionable or crude”, the app’s creators protested, insisting that they simply enable “consenting adults to safely discover people who are mutually attracted in a fun and honest way.” The newly-named app also offers a softer option for friends who just want to get to know each other better before anything more happens: “If you're more interested or comfortable with saying you're "Up for Hang"ing with your friend instead of saying "I'm Down" (to bang) with your friend, you can say so!”
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'Bang With Friends' is Back With a Bang

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