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Submission + - More bad news from Fukushima 1

PuceBaboon writes: Both Reuters and the BBC are carrying the story of an increase in radiation levels reported by Tepco for contaminated water leaking from storage tanks on site. When this leak was discovered almost two weeks ago, Tepco reported that the radiation level was 100-millisieverts. It now transpires that 100-millisieverts was the highest reading that the measuring equipment in use was capable of displaying. The latest readings (with upgraded equipment) are registering 1800-millisieverts which, according to both news sources, could prove fatal to anyone exposed to it for four hours.
Coincidentally (and somewhat ironically), today is earthquake disaster prevention day in Japan, with safety drills taking place nationwide.
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More bad news from Fukushima

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  • Obviously new measuring equipment is needed. Perhaps even a neutral agency to do the measuring. Sorry to see this submission is not getting the attention it deserves. It was submitted nearly a full half hour before the submission rated red.

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