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Submission + - Apple remains top target for patent trolls (networkworld.com)

An anonymous reader writes: With nearly US$150 billion in the bank, Apple finds itself in the envious position of having more cash on hand than it knows what to do with. Recently, Apple leveraged its cash position to borrow money at extremely low interest rates as a means to fund dividend payments and stock buybacks. On top of that, Apple in recent months appears to be acquiring companies at a faster clip than in years past.

Unfortunately, when you have more cash than the GDP of many countries, you're bound to find yourself the target of patent trolls. Such is the position Apple now finds itself in.

With dollar signs flashing in their eyes, patent trolls — or NPEs (non practicing entities) if you want to be politically correct — have taken to targeting Apple more than any other company in tech.

Apple over the past four years has been hit with 171 lawsuits from patent trolls. Trailing behind them are Hewlett Packard and Samsung who were both hit with about 135 patent troll lawsuits, on average.

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Apple remains top target for patent trolls

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