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Submission + - Raw Data Collection Software? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I have been looking for a tool (hopefully open source) that would allow some more intelligent management of data collection. Even better would include some data processing. Specifically I am looking to manage and chronicle raw data collected on hardware (in my case engines) and create a timeline of events (engine shut down, engine repair, parts swap, etc) allow for commenting and searching, etc Is there a good tool for this? I haven't been able to find one. Thanks for the help!

Currently, we just take each file and dump it into a share drive. It's not easily searchable and there is no good means for batch processing it. Data gets lost all the time and multiple groups collect data from the same engine. If we have a question about a particular behavior, we can't search these, we rely on someone remembering about a test and where they put it. PLEASE HELP!
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Raw Data Collection Software?

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  • by rwa2 ( 4391 ) *
    Well, this is kinda abusing a logfile collection utility, but give Logstash [logstash.net] + Kibana a try. It's very fast, and sounds perfect for the kinds of "events" you're looking at:

    howto [vmdoh.com]

    You could also try paying for something like Splunk, which is a bit slower, but gives you a much richer analysis & graphing toolset (though it's frustratingly difficult to do some things that you'd think should be simple, like plotting multiple searches on a timeline so you can do correlations.)

    Now if you want to graph lot

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