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Submission + - The Greatest Keyboard Shortcut Ever 2

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Ryan Vogt writes in the Mercury News that Shakespeare described death as "the undiscovere'd country, from whose bourn no traveller returns." Did you know there is a the miraculous way to resusitate tabs sent to the "undiscovere'd country," a sort of Ctrl-Z for the entire Internet, that means "no more called-out cusswords, no more wishing the back button had you covered when, aiming to click on a tab, you accidentally hit the little X on the tab's starboard." For Macs: Command [plus] shift [plus] t reopens the last tab. For PCs: Ctrl [plus] Shift [plus] T. "Try it right now. Close this tab and bring it back. I dare ya." Melia Robinson's trick works in Firefox and Internet Explorer, too, so clumsy mousing won't send the the E*Trade tab you mistakenly closed all cued up to sell those 10,000 shares of stock or your long political post on your uncle's Facebook page on a one-way trip to the undiscovere'd country in those browsers, either.
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The Greatest Keyboard Shortcut Ever

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  • It's interesting when clueless people finally notice something obvious and think they're the second coming as a result.

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