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Submission + - Could a Grace Hopper Get Hired in Silicon Valley?

theodp writes: Where in the Tech World is Carmen San Diego? Lots of heated discussion this week on the topic of where-the-girls-aren't, both in the tech and larger business world. Dave Winer broached the subject of Why are there so few women programmers?, prompting a mix of flame, venom and insight. And over at Valleywag, Nitasha Tiku pegs 'Culture Fit' as an insidious excuse used to marginalize women in tech. Completing the trilogy-of-XX-chromosome-terror is an HBR article, Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?, in which Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic concludes the problem is that manifestations of hubris, which occur much more frequently in men than women, are commonly mistaken for leadership potential. So, with a gender and age strike against her, would a Grace Hopper in her prime even land an interview in today's Silicon Valley?
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Could a Grace Hopper Get Hired in Silicon Valley?

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