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Submission + - Makeover of Google's Youtube App for iOS And Android (

jarold writes: To keep its reputation as the most widely used video-sharing website, Google’s Youtube app has introduced new features that allows users to do more with less effort. The makeover includes, among others, a new icon, refreshed user interface and video multitasking function. It’s such a great delight, for most of us who breathe Youtube everyday.
The new design is neat that adheres to Google’s card-style interface. The major improvement is the video multitasking. You can continue to watch a video while performing other tasks such as searching for other content or browsing playlists simultaneously. To do this, just swipe down the video with your finger, causing it to shrink into the right-hand corner of your screen and will continue to play. A quick tap or a swipe upward will return it to full size. If you’re done with a minimized video, swipe it to the left to close it. Amazing! This saves a lot of time.

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Makeover of Google's Youtube App for iOS And Android

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