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Submission + - Ralph Nader on Verizon's entering Canadian wireless market: 'Bad idea' ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: In an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper published by the Toronto Star, Ralph Nader says Verizon has made extensive use of U.S. tax subsidies even though the wireless communications giant was profitable at the same time.

Verizon has been exploring an entry into the federally regulated wireless market, currently dominated by three Canadian companies — Rogers, Bell and Telus.

The three carriers and the domestic industry’s main association have responded with an extensive publicity campaign calling for the Harper government to drop policies that they say give Verizon an unfair advantage over them.

"Bottom line: Verizon is one of the country’s most aggressive corporate tax dodgers." Says Nader

Citing a report by the Center for Tax Justice and Good Jobs First, Nader says Verizon received $14 billion in U.S. federal and state income tax subsidies in the 2008-2012 period, even though it earned US$33.4 billion in pre-tax income.

“Question: Why would you allow one of our country’s most aggressive tax dodgers, a company with a track record of overtly ripping off our government, into your country,” Nader writes.

“What’s bad for the United States will be bad for Canada.”

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Ralph Nader on Verizon's entering Canadian wireless market: 'Bad idea'

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