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Submission + - Petition Seeks to Remove NSA Director Alexander 1

Trailrunner7 writes: It has been a rough few months for the National Security Agency, and specifically for its director, Gen. Keith Alexander. The leaks of details of NSA surveillance programs by former contractor Edward Snowden have taken over the news cycle this summer and put the agency’s business out in the open. Then, when Alexander spoke at Black Hat last month, he was heckled and booed as he defended the NSA’s programs. Now, there’s a petition, on the White House’s own Web site, to have Alexander removed from his position.

The petition is on the We the People section of the White House site, which allows citizens to create petitions to address a specific issue. If a petition receives enough support, it will be reviewed by the White House. The petition to remove Alexander was posted Aug. 20 and seeks to have him removed from his position as director of the NSA because the agency “has lost its way under his leadership”. Citing the recent stories in the Washington Post about the agency’s alleged collection of data on Americans, the petition is seeking 100,000 signatures.
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Petition Seeks to Remove NSA Director Alexander

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  • I guess it is time to break out the tinfoil. This seems like a great honey pot. Just put your name here you dissenting American to voice your disapproval of the NSA's work. They now have a great list of people who need further investigation.

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