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Submission + - Syrian Rebels Claims Hundreds Killed by Poison-Gas Attack

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Haroon Siddique reports for The Guardian that opposition activists have accused forces loyal to the Assad regime of using chemical weapons in towns in the eastern Ghouta. Accounts of the death toll vary wildly. The British based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights put the number killed at "dozens". Others put the figure much higher. The Local Coordination Committees said "hundreds" were killed, the majority of them civilians. Graphic videos purporting to show the victims of the attack have been posted online (WARNING: graphic) showing chaotic scenes of people, including children, having seizures, being treated and dead bodies lined up. "Symptoms of the patients include nausea, hallucinations, suffocation, hard coughing, high blood pressure, seizures etc," says the Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC). "There is still no clue of the chemical weapon/toxic gas that was used by the regime's forces to target the innocent civilians." Ake Sellstrom, the Swedish scientist who heads the U.N. inspection team in Syria, told the Swedish media that he had seen only the television images of the alleged attacks. "But the high number of wounded and dead they are speaking about sounds suspicious,” Sellström told Swedish news agency TT, via telephone from Damascus. “It sounds like something one should take a look at.”. The official Syrian news agency called the reports “untrue” and designed to derail a United Nations inquiry into charges of chemical weapons in the conflict.
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Syrian Rebels Claims Hundreds Killed by Poison-Gas Attack

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