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Submission + - Please make more room for rich people

justelite writes: It is not new that rich people get richer. And also is not news that airlines want to reducing costs by making smaller space between the seats or remove an olive from the menu. But is the new struggle to provide such luxurious conditions for the first class seats. Better food and drinks are outdated. Now the first class seats area features leather interior and top-of-the-range entertainment system (like 23-inch LCD monitor with access to more than 100 films, CDs video games and even audiobooks.). Also the first class passengers can use personal mini-bar, vanity table, wardrobe and mirror. More over on some A380 flights, passengers can also enjoy onboard showers in a spa area and in-built massage options. When it's time for sleep, first class passengers can have a stewardess turn their seat into a bed and pyjamas are provided. Meals are served when the guest would like. It is so good to be rich today...
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Please make more room for rich people

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