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Submission + - Rackspace is essentially trying to out-VMware VMware. (

Brandon Butler writes: Rackspace today rolled out new functionality that allows customers to run their VMware virtual machines in its cloud on dedicated infrastructure. The move is interesting because it comes just ahead of VMware’s expected launch of its own hosted service.

Rackspace is essentially trying to out-VMware VMware.

Engates says the offering is meant to resonate not just with Rackspace customers looking for a hosted platform for their VMware-VMs, but for VMware customers as well. But why would a VMware customer use Rackspace as a hosting provider instead of VMware itself?

Rackspace has advantages over VMware’s soon-to-be-released offering, Engates says. Rackspace has been doing this whole outsourcing thing for more than a decade. Plus, the company has been hosting VMware virtual machines for years too. The newest offering is a natural extension of the company’s current platform for VMware products, he says, giving customers a no-frills-added VMware vCenter virtualized server running on dedicated infrastructure.

The bigger issue here is that VMware is likely going to be grabbing a lot of headlines in the coming weeks with its VMworld show happening next week. So, providers like Rackspace and Microsoft are in a sense trying to preempt the show with news of their own. Microsoft basically did the same thing last week with its virtual networking capabilities being rolled out. Everyone wants their time in the spotlight.

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Rackspace is essentially trying to out-VMware VMware.

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